RT & NJ Construction Services Pty Ltd provide best practice, flexible, cost-efficient solutions that enhance user experience. We deliver across the spectrum of construction including Civil, Mining, Commercial, Educational and Industrial Construction.

Our multi-disciplinary capability enables us to provide customers with integrated delivery solutions incorporating all your building and project requirements.

We provide expertise across all phases of the civil and commercial construction, from initial concept to, planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance. Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of delivering integrated building and operations solutions, which provide sustainable, whole-of-life efficiencies to optimise productivity and facilities management over the life of the asset.


RT & NJ Construction Services Pty Ltd office services to meet all your mining maintenance and construction needs for both greenfield and production, surface and underground.

With a proven safety and environmental record both locally and nationally we can assist in planning, designing and managing your next project.

With a strong employee base of motivated, consciences, team of project managers to skilled labours we can complete all your maintenance and construction work.


At RT & NJ Construction services safety and environment is never second best. Licensed in both removal and cartage we can safely and efficiently complete all asbestos removal work.

Our fully trained and competent Project Managers, Planners, Tradespersons and skilled labours are set to complete your next Asbestos assessment removal and disposal.

Corrosive Coating

High-pressure equipment for protective coatings, precise ratio assurance in a fully configurable system.

RT & NJ Construction Services are excited to have the first and only Privately owned Graco XM70 Plural-Component Spraying system in Tasmanian, so call us today to discuss how this can benefit your next project.

XM70 Plural-Component Sprayer Brochure

RT & NJ Construction are proud to provide competent and capable services in the area of high pressure wet blasting and pressure cleaning. Our unit is specifically designed for laitance removal and wet blasting of concrete surfaces, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. The unit is fitted with spark arrestors and fit for all above ground sites including, mining, Construction both Civil and domestic, transport, light and heavy manufacturing and primary industries.

High Pressure Wet Blasting & Pressure Cleaning Brochure

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