Situated at 77 Minna Road, Heybridge. On completion of this 6 month project these works totalled $750,000.

Project area was approximately 200m² which included the construction of three tanks, effluent treatment tank, effluent capture tank and effluent retention tank.

All tanks required major civil work including pits, piping and major electrical upgrades.

RT & NJ Construction Services provided the appropriately skilled personnel to complete this project and is proud to say we achieved a successful outcome finishing on time, budget and no recorded incidents. The tanks required installation of epoxy coatings, sika products and GFRP liners which we provided.

Our ability to think outside the box was well received with innovative formwork and construction being required for this project, our workers were skilled in all facets pertaining to this project and being qualified in working in confined spaces was an advantage when working within the tanks was required.