RT & NJ Construction Services successfully completed works at Kara Mine, these works were at the Concentration Plant which is situated at 683 Kara Road, Hampshire. On completion these works totalled $13M.

RT & NJ Construction Services were onsite for approximately 18 months with trying weather conditions at times and still finished these works incident free.

These vast works undertaken involved suspended slabs that were 7.0m high with an area of 600m², these type of high risk, heavy construction works cannot be completed without the appropriately skilled personnel which we are proud to be able to lay claim to. This program also involved a ground slab with an area of 3600m² including 95 tonne of Reo, on completion of this project we had used 2800m³ of concrete. We believe that our workers are very competent with all job expectations due to our extensive, job specific methodologies in which all workers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with, this along with our daily stop & check toolbox meetings we believe is our way of remaining incident free, therefore completing works on time and on budget.